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About Photo


On November 7, 1970, a seventeen-year-old girl was born to a mother in Compton, California. The adorable child, Roushaun, was given the name “Bright Light,” and her mother was right there by her side.

When Roushaun was a teenager, she moved to San Diego to attend San Diego State University, from which she went on to graduate from. Roushaun is the first person in her family to attend and graduate from a four-year college or university.

Roushaun is an inspirational speaker, trainer, and writer. Her work has been featured and honored on a wide variety of podcasts, radio shows, and print publications. She also follows her passion for uplifting women by way of a weekly web show and an online health and wellness enterprise.

Fourteen years ago, Roushaun embarked on her next adventure. She was hired by Kraft Foods Inc. as an Entry Level employee. Roushaun quickly rose in the ranks and established a name for herself in the company. As the Pacific West Category Customer Manager, she oversees one of their biggest customers and the entire Kraft profile. At Kraft Heinz Inc., Roushaun Johnson is involved in the Black Resource Group (BRG) and the Women’s BRG.

Roushaun has been an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. for over 30 years. She wished for sisters and the chance to make a significant impact on the world as a young only child. Roushaun discovered all of that and more about these extraordinary women.

Dedicated to empowering young women, “Mission Possible” was co-founded by Roushaun. Dr. Joyce Brothers once said, “having a good opinion of yourself is the best way to set yourself up for success in life.” Roushaun is convinced by this assumption. Her initiative helps young women build positive identities, strong academic skills, meaningful community service, and supportive sisterhood networks. As part of Mission Possible, she wants to give them the chance to travel the world and learn about other cultures. She is inspiring them to achieve their greatest potential and pursue their wildest dreams.

With the intention of assisting low-income families in her neighborhood, Roushaun founded and opened a “Free Community Clothes Closet” under the name “Halo Boutique”- Empty Hangers. Roushaun has helped over 200 people with over 500 articles of clothing, coats, and shoes since the Grand Opening of the Closet.

Roushaun won the title of Mrs. California 2019 and came in second at the Mrs. Black America 2019 competition. She wears her crown with pride because it allows her to speak publicly about the issues that are near and dear to her heart. Our community has a “Bright Light” in Roushaun.